Happy New Year! - Changes For 2023

Hi everyone, My name is Andrew and I'm the owner of EBM Creations LLC. I want to thank each and everyone of you for a great 2022. We truly would not be here without each and everyone's support. We faced many challenges in 2022 as most businesses and people did. The world has not been the same since the pandemic arose. We have carefully navigated through these tough and random times the best we could while also serving our customers with the best products, service, and prices possible. 

Price Increases

Today we are announcing our first company wide price increases ever as a company. This was such a tough decision for us to have to finally make but to be continue to be competitive with our product lines while also remaining profitable it was a choice we had to make. A list of all price changes will be made available at the bottom of this blog post.

Free Shipping Is Back!

Not all is lost though, in conjunction with our prices we also have some great news. We have brought back our "FREE Standard Shipping" option for all orders effective today (01/01/2023) across all platforms you can find our products on. Customers in some cases will actually see that their orders are now cheaper even with the price increases because of the free shipping. 

Line Jump

We have also added our new "Line Jump" option at checkout. At checkout on our website or mobile app you will see the "FREE Standard Shipping" option and then a "FREE Standard Shipping + Line Jump" option. If you choose the line jump option for a flat rate price of $5.00 we will process your order ahead of all orders received before yours. This just means that your order will be processed more quickly than per say if we had 150 orders at the time of your order it would be put to the front of our processing. We just want to add something that gave customers an option to get their order processed more quickly. Expedited shipping options are still available at checkout if you want a more accurate transit time for your order. Effective today (01/01/2023) any expedited shipping options chosen at checkout will also be processed ahead of all orders including "Line Jump" orders.

Mystery Boxes

Today we have also revamped our Mystery Box to Mystery Boxes. We now have three tiers of Mystery Boxes. The first is our Mini Mystery Pack featuring 5 wax melts and 1 exclusive wax melt scent for the given month. Our next tier we are calling our Mega Mystery Box featuring 10 wax melts and 2 exclusive wax melt scents for the given month. The final is we are calling our Monster Mystery Box featuring 12 wax melts and 4 exclusive wax melt scents for the given month. Customers can purchase the boxes individually each month or sign up for monthly boxes mailed to you or even prepay for up to 12 months of boxes and save huge with up to 25% off!


we rolled out last month and we are super excited to continue to roll out weekly auctions. There seems to be some confusion around our auctions platform. Here I'll explain more in detail how they work. First off our auctions are FREE to bid on. Customers can head to our auctions page available only on our website at this time. Once there simply find an auction that appeals to you and on the product page your able to freely bid on an auction you'd like to win. Any auctions you win will be invoiced to you to pay for within 24 hours of winning. Failure to pay within 24 hours will result in the next closest bidder to claim the auction. Should you bid the price of the value of the auction the auction will end and be yours. Customers can also simply buy the auction for the buyout price. You can also set automatic bids for an auction. Say an auction has a starting bid of $0.25 and you would like to bid up to $5.00 just enter that amount in the automatic bid section and it will bid for you every time someone outbids your current bid. There has been hundreds of dollars of loyalty points up for grabs for pennies that some customers have taken advantage of. We encourage customers to look into our auctions as there a great way to earn lots of loyalty points to use at checkout or even unique product bundles only available in auctions.

Our Newest Product line:

JELLY WAX! We just launched these in very limited quantity and are also offering them at checkout via FREE samples. This is a product line we will largely expanding in the coming months. So please can an eye on our newest scents for those in the coming months. Jelly Wax melts make it extremely easy to remove the wax from your wax burner once the wax has cooled. Simply peel it out the dish. It is very satisfying! Jelly Wax melts are long lasting as it melts at a higher temperature than other waxes. Jelly Wax melts also have a great hot scent throw. Jelly Wax is also vegan friendly. Jelly Wax was designed with long lasting scent in mind. It has a much higher melting temperature than both paraffin and soy wax so it takes much longer to release all the fragrance. You can expect to get 30 hours of fragrance per 1.5oz used. You can find more info about our Jelly Wax on any of the Jelly Wax product pages.



Standard 3.2oz Clamshells: Old Price $5.99ea -> New Price $7.49ea

3.2oz Botanical Wax Melts: Old Price $6.99ea -> New Price $7.99ea

Wax Brittle: Old Price $6.99ea -> New Price $8.99ea

Wax Dots: Old Price $7.99ea -> New Price $9.99ea

Food Creations:

S'more Old Price Old Price $3.99ea -> New Price $7.99ea

Candied Caramel Apple Old Price $2.49ea -> New Price $5.99ea

Sugar Cookie Old Price $2.49ea -> New Price $5.99ea

CiniMinis Old Price $4.99ea -> New Price $7.99ea

Mini Pumpkins Old Price $4.99ea -> New Price $7.99ea

Chocolate Chip Cookies Old Price $5.99ea -> New Price $7.99ea

Peanut Butter Fudge Cookie Old Price $3.99ea -> New Price $7.49ea

Maine Lemon Glazed Donut Old Price $5.99ea -> New Price $8.49ea

All Mini Doughnuts Old Price $3.99ea -> New Price $6.99ea

Fudge Brownies Old Price $5.99ea -> New Price $8.49ea

Mini Cosmic Brownies Old Price $3.99ea -> New Price $7.49ea


Room Sprays: Old Price $4.99ea -> New Price $8.99ea

7oz Jar Candles: Old Price $14.99ea -> New Price $22.99ea


Thank you everyone again for your support. I know times are tough and change is never easy but this is something we think had to be done for the future of our business as costs continue to rise on everything. Thank you for supporting a small business in a small town in Maine. 

Here's to another 365 Days around this rock!🥂

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