Orange Buttercream Cupcake Snap Bar - 1.8 oz Clamshell

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The scent of Orange Buttercream Cupcake is a deliciously sweet and citrusy fragrance that's reminiscent of freshly baked cupcakes with a creamy orange buttercream frosting. At first sniff, you'll detect the zesty and tangy aroma of fresh oranges, with their bright and juicy quality.

As the scent develops, you'll notice the rich and creamy aroma of buttercream frosting, which adds a decadent and indulgent quality to the fragrance. The scent of vanilla and sugar may also be detected, adding a sweet and comforting undertone to the aroma. Together, the sweet and tangy scent of oranges and the creamy aroma of buttercream create a mouth-watering fragrance that's perfect for those who love dessert-inspired scents.

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