EBM Bingo Night Paid Jackpot Entry

Sale price$9.99


Join us tonight February 13th at 7PM Eastern Time for a special Paid Valentine's edition of EBM Bingo Night!

Join Here On Bingo Night->> www.ebmcreations.live
We will play anywhere from 5-10 Games with awesome prizes for each winner!

This time around your $10 entry fee will be put into our Jackpot for the last round of bingo of the night. The more people who play the bigger the jackpot!

This event is Virtual Bingo and will require you to have two devices to play if you plan to use your phone. Some phones do allow videos to play in the background while playing the game in your web browser.

Our Valentine's Bingo Night will be streaming live on FACEBOOK for paid jackpot entry players and everywhere else for non paid players.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns prior to game night and we will help you the best we can.

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