Lotto Night Ticket Entry

What Ticket Spot Do You Want?: $10 Ticket
Sale price$5.00


Come join us on March 2nd at 7PM as Lotto Night Returns! We will be scratching lottery tickets LIVE and will be randomly selecting viewers for $1, $2, & $5 Tickets. $10 Tickets & $20 Tickets will not be designated to viewers unless they pay for half the price of the ticket here on our website.

Anything under $50 you get to keep as a gift from us to you. For anything over $50 we split 50/50. Should the results of a ticket be more than a $599 prize amount we will calculate the taxes owed and deduct it from the winning amount for tax purposes. Any money exchanged is considered gifts from us to our customers.

Disclaimer: No Purchase is Necessary For This Event. Participants must be 18+ and live in the USA to be eligible for gifted prizes.

$10 Ticket For $5.00

$20 Ticket For $10.00

Multiple tickets/spots can be purchased for this event.

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