We are now accepting custom order requests. Custom orders can be made for a variety of our products that we offer. We strive to fulfill most custom orders to the best of our ability if we can. If you are looking for a specific scent that another company makes we will work to the best of our ability to recreate that scent profile for you if available. Below is a list of the products we are accepting for custom orders and the minimum purchase quantity for each product. You may also request wax melt scent combinations if you want to blend up to three current scents from our wax melt collection (Must be active scents we offer).

Custom order requests are not guaranteed and may be denied.

Production time for custom orders will vary from 1-3 weeks from when we accept your request and make a page for you to purchase the custom order. Once custom order has been purchased we will start production of your order.

Please be as detailed as possible with your message to us so we can have a full understanding of what you would like.

We offer a discount for larger custom orders over $150.

Products Available For Custom Orders


Minimum Purchase Quantity 

 Custom Wax Melts


 Custom Wax Melt Scent Combination


 9 oz Candles

All Natural 10oz Lotions


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