Sagittarius - Clove Patchouli - 3.2 oz Clamshell

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SAGITTARUIS (Nov 23 to Dec 21)

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Element: Mutable Fire

Fragrance: Clove & its blends for the idealistic and adventurous freedom fighter.

Fiery, enthusiastic and full of life, Sagittarians are the idealists and optimists of the zodiac, always ready to side with underdog. Spicy, rich sweet notes are the basis for this fragrance that reflects the "rebel with a cause." Conserve your time and energy , and preserve your friendships. This fragrance will subtly soothe your emotions so you do not have to speak sharply to others. 

                        • 100% All Natural Soy Wax!
                        • 6 Pack Clamshell
                        • Works With All Warmer Types

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